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The Clinic

The Vision of Hope Clinic is a nutritional clinic situated in the beautiful seaside city of Brighton, East Sussex.

Nutrition for wellbeing

The Vision of Hope Clinic specialises in Metabolic Protocol, a nutritional approach to wellbeing. with the latest non-toxic protocols

How we help

We provide and maintain the highest quality of patient care in a professional, informative and proactive environment

What is the Vision of Hope Clinic?

At The Vision of Hope Clinic, we believe in taking the fear out of chronic disease. We provide and maintain the highest quality of patient care in a professional, informative and proactive environment. Our aim is to provide personal guidance to those under our care by informing each individual with a clear, personal, step-by-step guide throughout.

We feel one of the most integral parts of this approach is to re-educate patients to become more in tune with their bodies and assist them in regaining optimum health. The Vision of Hope Clinic offers the latest non-toxic, metabolic protocols.

Our approach is truly wholistic, and we have a team of experienced practitioners to support your journey to health on every level. In addition to Metabolic Protocols, we can therefore offer Nutrition, Ozone, Hyperthermia, Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and more.


We at the clinic are proud to have become the UK distributor for Lypo-Spheric Altrient Vitamin C

What others say about us

I have only praise for my time at the clinic.My husband also was able to accompany me and ask whatever he wanted

The doctor’s approach and facilities made the visits and the whole experience  comfortable and pleasant

Our appointment was arranged to suit our diary and travel & B&B from Glasgow to Bristol.The clinic was very helpful

I have recommended this clinic to several people and will continue to do so!

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Dr.Andre writes the “ASK DR.ANDRE” advice column for canceractive/ICON magazine and is very honoured to work alongside such a forward thinking, patient centred organization.

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