The Vision of Hope Clinic Team

The Vision of Hope Clinic specialises in Metabolic Protocol, a nutritional approach to wellbeing

Research has shown that many of today’s serious disorders are related with dysfunctional diet and the way the body processes what we put into it.
The Vision of Hope Clinic offers the latest non-toxic, metabolic protocols.

Nutrition has been the subject of some of the most successful research with regards to chronic disease. We model our clinic on such research and studies to obtain the tremendous results of similar clinics across the world, and receive patients with a wide variety of conditions and illnesses.

Meet the Team

Dr Andre Young-Snell  <br /><span style="text-transform: none; font-size:16px;">M.B.B.S.</span>

Dr Andre Young-Snell


Dr Young-Snell qualified in conventional medicine over twenty five years ago. He trained at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London and spent much of his NHS career in elderly medicine with a particular interest in Parkinson’s Disease.

Kirsten Chick <br /><span style="text-transform: none; font-size:16px;">DNN, mFNTP, mBSIO, mFHT</span>

Kirsten Chick

Nutritional Therapist in Brighton

Kirsten Chick has over 10 years experience in Nutritional Therapy, as practitioner, teacher, lecturer and writer. She continues to develop ways of applying the science of nutrition and health that encompass the psychology of eating and how to approach nutrition in a stress-free way.

Carrie Harris <br /><span style="text-transform: none; font-size:16px;">C.M.H., C.Hyp., M.P.N.L.P.</span>

Carrie Harris
C.M.H., C.Hyp., M.P.N.L.P.

Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner.

Life Coach, Louise Hay and meditation tutor Carrie Harris has been practicing as a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Louise L Hay teacher for several years. "Transform your life and release your potential "