Dr Young-Snell qualified in conventional medicine over twenty five years ago. He trained at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London and spent much of his NHS career in elderly medicine with a particular interest in Parkinson’s Disease.

After much deliberation, he decided to set up The Vision of Hope Clinic in Brighton in 2002  so he could concentrate on helping patients using  Integrative Medicine.

Throughout his career as a ‘conventional’ doctor he ran clinics and deciphered and coordinated patient management.

Dr Young-Snell’s prides himself on his unique personality,openness  and patient rapport.

Keeping up to date by attending cutting edge Integrative Medicine conferences in the UK and USA.

Alongside his medical experience and knowledge he is very much into the use of goal setting and helping patients to achieve a much greater positive mental outlook as part of their management …

Dr.Young-Snell is not an Oncologist ,but instead offers approaches and protocols which may  complement and support orthodox care.He is not offering alternatives to orthodox care and does not claim with regards cancer that the protocols that the clinic offers are ,of themselves, used to treat or cure cancer. He is offering complementary protocols and should not  be looked at as taking over the role of a GP or orthodox specialist.


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