How to book
Contact the clinic to bok your session of Hyperthermia (FIR sauna) and/or Ozone

What to expect and bring to your sessions of hyperthermia/ozone

• The length and frequency of a course of sessions may vary from person to person, so Dr. Andre Young-Snell will advise you on this.

• We offer a facilities for a cold shower after your hyperthermia (FIR sauna) session (unless contraindicated). This is to help rinse off what you have sweated out, stimulate the metabolism and maintain a more beneficial core body temperature.

• You will need to bring the following to each session:
o Bathrobe
o Slippers
o Towel


Dos and don’ts

Do not eat a large meal 1-2 hours before, or up to 20 minutes after, your session, but equally do not have a completely empty stomach. You may want a light snack half an hour beforehand.

Do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs on the day of your session.

Drink mineral water before, during and after to help replace your electrolytes. Vegetable juicing will also help to replace electrolytes. Do not, however, drink more than 2 pints of water in the space of an hour.

• If you are already overheated from exercise, sun etc., rest at least 15 minutes before your sauna to allow your body to cool down.

Cold shower after your sauna (unless advised not to), for as long as you can, to help rinse off what you have sweated out, stimulate the metabolism and maintain a more beneficial core body temperature.

Avoid using soaps and moisturisers after your treatment to enable the skin to breathe and eliminate more freely. Also avoid moisturisers before your treatment for the same reason.

Remove metal jewellery before entering the sauna cabinet.

• Because of the continuing effects, you may need to support your hyperthermia/ozone treatment with further naturopathic techniques. Our natural nutritionist Kirsten Chick can advise you on this. She can also advise you on how to maximise the benefits of your ozone and/or hyperthermia session(s).

• Vitamin C will counteract the effect of your ozone session if taken too close together, so make sure there is at least a 2 hour gap between your ozone therapy and vitamin C therapy.



Hyperthermia is not advisable if you have any of the following conditions:

Angina, aortic stenosis, haemophilia, recent myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure, pregnancy.

NB: Steroids will prevent the blood vessels from dilating, so saunas may not be appropriate while on steroid medication.

If in doubt, check with Dr. Andre Young Snell before starting your session.