The Vision of Hope is able to offer two forms of specialised nutritional/metabolic regimes, oral and intravenous, in addition to Ozone, Hyperthermia and a number of other therapies.

Oral Regime

The oral regime is suitable for patients who are unable to stay at the clinic for the recommended three weeks. The regime consists of daily nutrient, vitamin and enzyme supplementation alongside an individually tailored diet rich in properly constituted, organic, whole, living food. Other methods are used to assist the body in cleansing itself – a vital aspect that is often overlooked by the conventional medical paradigm.

Intravenous regime

The intravenous regime has the advantage of a much higher vitamin and nutrient dosage over the three weeks. As with the oral regime, an appropriate diet is also recommended. The diet is to be continued afterwards as a preventative measure, although the diet will be adjusted where appropriate at review appointments with the Nutritionist.


We can now offer regular sessions of Ozone at the Clinic. Research has shown that correct nutrition and pH levels in the body canincrease our ability to utilise oxygen, and so we recommend a combined approach to maximise the benefits.

The following four steps are recommended if you are interested in proceeding with us.

Step 1: Make an appointment to see Dr Andre Young-Snell and the Natural Nutritionist.

The first one-hour consultation allows Dr Young-Snell to meet you, discuss your situation and to help you understand fully what is available, as well as to answer any questions you may have before proceeding further.

Dr Young-Snell will explain all elements of the proposed regime: the method, what each aspect entails, how each individual component works, and how the clinic proposes to customise a regime suitable to the patient – dependent on the stage and type of the disease.

After taking a full case history, the Natural Nutritionist will put together a nurturing diet that is appropriate for the patient, also recommending naturopathic techniques to support the body’s progress.

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Step 2: Three weeks of IV and/or oral regime, depending upon requirements, plus a review session with the Natural Nutritionist.

Dr Young-Snell administers the IV regime and advises on the other services available, such as counselling and various workshops.

The Clinic strongly recommends bringing a partner, friend or family member during the time spent in Brighton. This improves the effectiveness of the programme, as it allows those not receiving the sessions to understand the process, as well as having someone close nearby to offer the additional support needed at this crucial time.

Step 3: Three months of nutritional programme at home, reviewed by the clinic once a month.

Step 4: Long-term, specialised nutritional programme, reviewed by the clinic every three months.

Additional sessions

At any stage, Dr. Young-Snell may also recommend you arrange Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Louise Hay Sessions, Yoga, Meditation or Reflexology, all of which can be offered via the clinic.

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The Importance of Exercise

Regular exercise is highly recommended to assist oxygen and nutrient transport in the body,  lymph movement and other vital processes.

Depending on the individual, this may take the form of a gentle walk, some yoga or t’ai chi, or a 20-minute run or cycle, taken twice weekly or even daily. It is important that the exercise taken energises rather than depletes the patient, so please discuss what is appropriate for you right now, and be mindful to adjust your exercise programme according to how you are feeling and the progress you are making.