Nutritional Therapist

Kirsten Chick has over 10 years experience in Nutritional Therapy, as practitioner, teacher, lecturer and writer. She continues to develop ways of applying the science of nutrition and health that encompass the psychology of eating and how to approach nutrition in a stress-free way.

While so many are seeking “the perfect” diet and way to be, Kirsten understands that you are unique and ever changing, and can offer you a personalised approach. So a consultation will include an assessment of how well you are digesting, absorbing and metabolising foods, as well as how ongoing or unresolved stress and traumas are affecting your overall health.

Combining a clear understanding of biochemistry, food energetics and our complex relationship with food, Kirsten offers a warm and inspiring approach with practical ideas, encouraging you to take back control and responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. She shares tools, knowledge and inspiration gathered over many years to help you restore a state of balance and clarity. Helping you nourish yourself fully again.

The initial consultation is also followed up with a detailed written report of Kirsten’s recommendations for you, including recipes, meal ideas, foods to focus on, foods to avoid or reduce, supplements to include, where to get everything and instructions for any naturopathic techniques discussed during the consultation.

Review consultations are usually monthly to begin with, and can be held at the clinic or via phone or Skype.


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