Vitamin C:

IV Vitamin C regime

Liposomal Vitamin C

Metabolic Protocol:

Oral and Intravenous Regimes

Hyperthermia / Far Infrared :

Hyperthermia (FIR) sauna sessions


Ozone Sessions

Kirsten Chick’s website, describing the principles behind Natural Nutrition.
Simple, delicious, helathy recipes – gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free
The College of Natural Nutrition website.
Weston a Price Foundation website, looking at traditional diets and how we can learn from them.

Philip Day’s website about alternative health treatments.
Cancer Active provides information for patients
a private  consultancy for patients
a new charitable initiative to open up a positive future for patients.

Supplements and Equipment:
Nutrigold produce and sell a wide range of good quality supplements, and also supply castor oil, packing fabric, enema buckets and other useful equipment.
Healing Naturally supplies many useful supplements, plus enema buckets, castor oil and other useful products.
Wholistic research supplies enema bulbs and many other useful products.
Suppliers of the original Znatural and other supplements
Guarana Bar (based in Brighton) sells Matstone juicers, Vita-Mixes and other equipment.
Nutricentre supplies a wide range of nutrients and books.

Eating Out in Brighton:

Infinity Foods –
Food For Friends –
Terre A Terre –